Web application designed to service orders for a premium shipping provider offering delivery solutions across Europe.


Whenever setting out to reimagine an existing brand, we always try to think about how to best capture its specific character without discarding existing and established communication patterns or the meaning behind the name. Looking for appropriate symbolism, we wanted the logo to emphasize motion but in a minimalist, understated way. As a result, we designed a logotype that reads clearly regardless of the medium, and boasts a dynamic character in each of its iterations.


Embracing a functional approach allowed us to focus on the most important issues related to streamlining company operations. We designed a Web app to overhaul companywide communications. Magic Movers now connects with two external services – one handles invoicing, the other deals with optimizing delivery route planning. Another feature we designed helped optimize internal costs. Working in accordance with good design practices for application layouts, we managed to create a platform that boasted both refined aesthetics and remarkable usability.



The platform offers premium delivery services across Europe, especially to auction houses looking to ship art to new owners. Its client roster includes companies from all corners of Europe. Platform users can register accounts, book deliveries, and handle their orders, including payment. Company staff, meanwhile, can use it to process bulk or individual orders, and provide accounting and payment processing to customers. Additionally, the system allows staff to compile individual cost estimates dependent on shipped item value and required delivery parameters. After a user submits a cost estimate request, a staffer can process it and issue an estimate, which the user will receive in their platform inbox pending confirmation. If the cost estimate is accepted, the delivery is booked and an order is registered with the account.
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