Employer branding campaign designed to drive up applicant volume.


Crafting a unique employer branding campaign without stepping outside Volvo’s rather restrictive brandbook was quite the challenge. Still, we were able to negotiate some exceptions from Volvo’s minimalism, which gave the campaign some much-needed color. We decided on producing a dedicated photo and video shoot, which allowed us to create original, bespoke content to mark the direction we wanted to move in and informed the development of our key visual.


We set out to design our campaign basing on the photos and the footage we shot for Volvo Group’s Human Resources department. We began with a landing page promoted on Facebook. We also crafted an outdoor campaign using Google Ads and provided a rich pool of brand visuals for use in recruitment drives.



Looking to improve the client’s applicant pool, we had to take a multipronged approach, and really think about where the client’s prospective employees are and what they’re doing. Knowing that, we tailored the campaign to reach our target group and give them an inside look at what working at Volvo is like, enabling them to tread in unknown territory. The campaign succeeded in driving up the number of specialist hires in the client’s bus manufacturing division.
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