Mobile app for holding casting calls with dubbing talent and film producers.


We looked for a creative concept that would fully reflect the specifics of the application and register with industry professionals. We finally decided that using a combination of visualized sound waves and the primary tool of the voice acting trade would best reflect the character of the branding. The designed materials reference voice-over work and voice acting, thus contributing to and reinforcing the brand story of the project.
Which is why SDI MEDIA entrusted us with the mission of developing a brand for the application, along with a visual identity package and a launch strategy for the dubbing community.


After coming up with designs that we believed superb both visually and functionally, we moved to execute our marketing strategy: we registered a trademark, made relevant media buys, built a landing page, shot an explainer video, put together a social media package, produced branding films and photo shoots, drafted a brand launch strategy for the Polish market, tested the campaign, including the launch campaign, dispatched custom promotional merchandise across the globe, and held casting calls online in search of new talent.



Chaos and confusion are the greatest enemy of any larger team. Which is why we decided to make work at least a little easier for filmmakers and producers by creating Produb app. With the app, casting calls for dubbing talent are now open to everyone without exception, allowing producers to tap into new pools of voice talent working in a variety of different languages. Thanks to the app, it became much easier to hold casting calls for productions requiring dubbing in multiple languages, demand for which grew exponentially thanks to streaming services like Netflix.
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