Casting management application for professionals working in the dubbing industry.


We looked for a creative concept that would fully reflect the specifics of the application and register with industry professionals. We finally decided that using a combination of visualized sound waves and the primary tool of the voice acting trade would best reflect the character of the branding. The designed materials reference voice-over work and voice acting, thus contributing to and reinforcing the brand story of the project.


Our approach to the project had to be creative but functional, with appropriate attention given to the most minute details with impact on usability, from branding, through landing page and app design, all the way up to branding films and online advertising campaigns. The delivered concept was consistent with the creative concept developed in the course of our custom branding workshops.



The casting management app met with such enthusiasm from the user base that the client quickly retasked us to develop a version that would offer the ability to manage casting directly to downstream users. The app resolved much of the problems plaguing SDI Media, brought new avenues for growth and access to voice talent. Serving as an intermediary, the company could also offer its artist roster new opportunities for growth and access to a community of fellow professionals, and provide its customers with access to new pools of talent.
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