CASE STUDIES - Banialuka Puppet Theatre
Comprehensive rebranding for a puppet theatre, along with the deployment of a dedicated IT suite designed to assist with administration and management.


How do you reinvent a puppet theatre to make it a cheerful and appealing venue for children, adolescents, and adults alike? To answer that question, we were commissioned with undertaking a comprehensive rebranding of the theatre. One part of the effort included opening the venue to adult audiences. After a series of workshops, we identified key challenges in boosting the appeal of the Banialuka Theatre in a new, digital reality, and outlined potential avenues of tackling them. A new logotype and key visual further broadened the institution’s options and helped both actors and audiences rediscover it anew by showing Banialuka in a wholly new light.


Banialuka approached us to throw a fresh coat of paint over their brand and help bring it into the twenty-first century. The venue’s target audience also grew to include not only children and adolescents, but also adults. Our comprehensive rebranding effort also included revamping the theatre’s website and sales systems. Not only did we overhaul its image, we spearheaded the theatre’s digital transformation, too. We deployed an administrative suite that enabled staff to manage the venue from on- and off-site, and introduced a modernized online ticket booking and sales platform alongside a custom system designed to service submissions to an international puppetry festival. Developing a detailed submission form that would streamline the process proved quite the challenge.



We love challenges and we love magic. The most challenging projects tend to bring us the most joy. Working with the Banialuka, one of the most famous puppet theatres in all of Europe, founded in Bielsko-Biała all the way back in 1947, was definitely one such project. The Banialuka Theatre is also responsible for The Puppetry Festival, an important event in the world of international puppetry.
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