Web platform for custom online classes and training workshops for the pharmaceutical industry.


The greatest challenge in designing the branding concept for this project involved preserving healthcare-influenced design patterns while avoiding traditional color palettes associated with public health. We decided to embrace a more modern combination which, aside from meeting our expectations, would help the brand stand apart from the competition in the healthcare sector.


Across the project’s many stages, it was planning the successive steps of the deployment in order to make the system available to users in the form of a pre-established MVP as quickly as possible that proved the most significant obstacle. The first version of the Pharmacy College was made available to users only three months after we commenced working on the project. Splitting the implementation into separate stages allowed us to launch with essential features, thanks to which the webinars created for social media were used as the first educational resources on the platform.



The platform’s primary objective is to provide pharmacists a repository of webinars, podcasts, workshops, training classes, and online conferences, as well as access to upcoming online training seminars which can be attended either live or via the platform. Like other healthcare professionals, pharmacists must continue their education in order to accrue points, and our platform allows them to do so without leaving their homes.
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